‘In Ghost House Inn’ Will Be Released on this march

After the big hits like ‘In Harihar Nagar’ and ‘Harihar Nagar-2’, director Lal will present another sequel to the superhit series with ‘In Ghost House Inn’. Expected to reach the theatres by the 25th of this month, the movie will again feature the famous foursome in another hilarious act.

‘In Ghost House Inn’ will feature the four friends who decides to spend a vacation in the big bunglow, newly bought by Thomaskutty with the money that he has got in the climax of ‘Harihar Nagar-2’. Amidst their extravagant celebration in the bungalow with their families, some new occurrences unleash a horror parade before them, to make their life horrible than ever before.

Produced by P N V associates and Lal creations, the movie will have his regular castings and the regular crew including cinematographer Venu, music director Alex Paul and editor V Saajan.


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