10 Endrathukulla Review

Director: Vijay Milton
Producer: A. R. Murugadoss
Production Co: Fox Star Studios, AR Murugadoss Productions
Music Director: D Imman

10 Endrathukulla

10 Endrathukulla is a pedestrian road action thriller which neither thrills nor offers enough action on screen to fasten your seat 10 EDNRu1belts and enjoy. It is mostly a prosaic attempt from Vijay Milton, who made a fabulously inventive Goli Soda in his last outing.

Vikram works in a driving school and also helps his boss (Pasupathy) in order to save money for his sister’s treatment. Pasupathy exploits the innocence and sincerity of Vikram to get vehicles for smuggling and in turn pays him. Vikram meets Samantha in an accident and the latter immediately falls head over heels for him and soon joins the driving institute where Vikram works. Vikram brushes aside Samantha’s romantic advances at once.

Meanwhile, Pasupathy gets a deal worth Rs. 1 crore from Uttarkhand, where some mysterious people entrust him with the job of kidnapping Samantha and bring her to them. Pasupathy gets on to the field to kidnap Samantha but gets caught by police unfortunately. Now, you guessed it right. The story is as predictable as it can get. Vikram comes to Pasupathy’s rescue. Why is Samantha being kidnapped? Will Vikram save her? This forms the rest of the plot.10 EDNRu2

The route Vijay Milton takes in the film to reach the destination with a bang-up pre-climax twist is lost half way through the film when an overdose of predictable scenes come to the fore before the big revelation happens. What could have been a good road thriller becomes quite a hard to endure masasa flick and stumbles in the narrative. The character arcs of Vikram and Samanatha are one of the most cliched lead portrayals you would ever come across.

Vikram breathes life to his role and his energy level is highly infectious. The way he smiles, dances and fight is a treat for his fans. But Samantha is wasted in a role that beyond a point is plainly annoying.

10 EDNRu3Though the film has really good technical values including the great background score by Anoop Seelin which hefts up the proceedings towards the end, the damage was severely done already and it could not make up for all the mundane moments one had to endure until then.
2.3 out of 5 (Okay)

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