A women should be respected, not humiliated:Actress Asha Sharath

A women should be respected, not humiliated:Actress Asha Sharath

Asha Sharath

Actress Asha Sharath is the latest victim of image morphing.Following the incident, the actress lodged a complaint with the city police commissioner’s office stating that morphed pictures of her had been uploaded on social networking sites.

The actress said that she was shocked to see the obscene pictures circulating on the social media. ” I was literally shocked, but was determined that those behind such a heinous attempt to publicly outrage the modesty of a woman shall be taken to task. Hence I have filed a petition with the City Police Commissioner of Kochi. I am so grateful to the authorities that immediate action has been initiated on my petition.,” the actress post on her fb page.

Asha Sharath 1

Apparently, the case is now being investigated into by the state cyber police cell. She adds” I am given to understand that proceedings are already on and that the culprits shall be brought to law at the earliest.”

Asha ended the note saying,” I believe that such criminal offences against women shall not go unpunished and I therefore am committed to fight this case till it is legally remedied. We all should join hands to ensure that women are respected and not humiliated.”


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