Aashamsakalode Anna Review

Director: Sangeeth Luis
Producer: Francis G Foanseykka
Production Co: Chirakkalayil Films
Music Director: Parthasaradhy
Cast: Ansari, Kalabhavan Mani, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Captain Raju, Kolappulli Leela, P. C. George, Indranse, Ambika Mohan, Madhu, Kalasala Babu

Aashamsakalode Anna

‘Aashamsakalode Anna’ is a bummer from the word ‘go’ and repels you with revolting sentimentality. The soppy slush that it AA3builds up is ineffective to the core and the film finds it real hard to gain a firm foothold.

Sandra and Anna are twins, of whom Anna is dumb. Sandra joins the Film Institute to learn film making, and reveals to her dear friend Vishnu that she is trying hard to be her twin sister, much to Vishnu’s surprise. In the process, Sandra reveals a love tale – that of Anna and her sweetheart Jeevan – and of the sad end that it was destined to meet with.

‘Aashamsakalode Anna’ looks and sounds quite amateurish, and the half-baked feel sticks throughout, right from the start to the finish. It’s quite tough to stomach the shallowness that is on show, and the film caters to category of audience in particular.

It’s not just that the characters in ‘Aashamsakalode Anna’ are generic, but the blandness of the script disappoints time and again. If they expected to get a few facial tissues wet with tears, I’d say they have far from succeeded at their mission.

‘Aashamsakalode Anna’ is thus neither an effective tear jerker, nor does it productively evolve into an emotional caper that moves your heart in other ways. I’d add that the most detrimental aspect of the film would be the dialogues that range from plain daft to highly inane.

There is a parallel comic track that involves a jobless duo – played by Indrans and Suraj Venjarammoodu – and of their numerous escapades that are far from hilarious. None of their antics are even remotely funny and at times they turn out to be a real test on your nerves.AA2

And there is an actor like Madhu who is totally wasted in an asinine role of a grandfather cum politician, that could have been essayed by any actor par below the stature of the much loved actor. That he had agreed to do the role is astonishing, without doubt.

It remains that films like ‘Aashamsakalode Anna’ will continue to be made, but even the locales of the film leave a lot to be desired. The song sequences feel like they have been shot in a hurry and resemble badly edited music videos.

You know exactly what to expect, and there is not a moment when the film proves you wrong. The mawkishness with which it all unfurls, and the unhurried pace with which it does, makes ‘Aashamsakalode Anna’ a tough watch.

The lead actors are far from impressive when it comes to performances, while veterans like Madhu, Suraj Venjarammoodu and Indrans have nothing much to offer either. And what on earth are people like Pannyan Raveendran doing in this film? The film looks like it has been shot on a relatively stringent budget and it shows visually as well.

AA1Predictable and rife with cliches ‘Aashamsakalode Anna’ moves towards a conventional climax and finally calls it a day. It’s quite common to see films that go on a derailing ride, but ‘Aashamsakalode Anna’ starts without wheels and ends up with none either.

1.5 out of 5 (Poor, A Few Good Parts)

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