Abdul Nasser Madhani arrested

Thiruvananthapuram: People’s Democratic Party (PDP) chief Abdul Nasser Madhani was Tuesday arrested for his alleged involvement in the 2008 Bangalore bombings. As he was being taken to Bangalore, he asserted his innocence and appealed to his followers to maintain peace.

“I make a strong appeal to my supporters that they should behave themselves and not to see this as a Hindu-Muslim issue,” said Madhani before being taken inside the airport here. A group of 20 PDP supporters were arrested at Karungapally for stoning vehicles in protest against the arrest.

PDP vice chairman Poonthura Siraj told reporters at the airport that they have not called any shut down in the state Wednesday but would observe a “black day”. “We will be observing tomorrow (Wednesday) as a black day because Maudany was denied his fundamental rights and the Karnataka police could have waited as his plea was coming up at the apex court in the afternoon,” he said.

Ending eight days of suspense, the PDP chief was arrested by a posse of Karnataka and Kerala police as he stepped into a van to proceed to the court to surrender amid emotional scenes at the orphanage run by him as a large number of children wept and kissed him goodbye.

Earlier, Madhani called a press conference at his residence-cum-party headquarters at Anwarassery near Kollam, 90 km from here, which also houses a mosque and the orphanage, and announced that he would surrender before a court after finishing his noon prayers.

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