Actor Bala got attacked by 12 robers at night

A shocking incident happened in the house of actor Bala’s house yesterday night. A group of 12 peoples tried to force inside his house and attacked Bala so that they can get inside the house. But Bala tried to resist the attack and shouted so neighbors came for rescue so thieves ran away.

So news medias states Bala got beat up badly which is not true.
At the time of this incident only he, his wife singer Amritha and their only daughter was present inside the house. Bala said that the people who gave him and his terrifying moments were not Malayali’s and he said that robbery has become a routine in Kochi and luckily he had no shooting that day.

He said that he cannot imagine what might have happened his wife and his daughter was alone in the house. Although he has filed a complaint the police hasn’t been able to find any of the culprit till now.

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