Actress Jomol, Vineeth Kumar to team up after 27 years

Actress Jomol, Vineeth Kumar to team up after 27 years


Actress Jomol, who was an active presence in Malayalam cinema of the 90s, is making a comeback to films, through V K Prakash’s Careful. We had already announced that Vijay Babu will be doing the lead role in the film, an investigative thriller. Jomol will be seen as a homemaker, wife to the character played by Vineeth Kumar. “We are shown as a happy couple with a daughter. Something happens to the family, and a series of events ensue. Incidentally, I began my film career as a child actress in Oru Vadakkan Veeragadha, in 1989 where I was Unniyarcha and Vineeth Kumar was Chandu! I told him I have returned to haunt him.” (laughs).

Ask her why she chose to make a comeback now and she replies, “VKP is a family friend and when he told me there is a nice character for me in his film, I didn’t think twice. He is someone whom I trust, and even if you have just a few scenes in his film, it would be worth it, I felt. He is also good to work with, a school in itself, and I said I don’t even want to know more about the character, that I’m in.”
Jomol aka Gauri, who had been living in Mumbai and Trivandrum post marriage, has now moved to Kochi for the sake of her kids’ education, she says. “My girls are 12 and 8 years old now and I thought I would give it a try if I got a good film offer. But I never actively went out looking for roles, I just considered those which came to me. I didn’t want to do anything for the sake of it, so rejected a few offers. I have a good role in Careful, though I’m not allowed to speak more about it.”
And what does she think of the new face of Malayalam cinema now? “To be honest, I’m totally clueless of the scenario now. I told this to VKP too, and he said, ‘Earlier, it was acting, now it is behaving, you can do it’. There is no need of getting anxious before going to a set like the old.’ So I’m going with an open mind.”

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