Actress Kaniha doesn’t want to hide stretchmarks

Actress Kaniha doesn’t want to hide stretchmarks


Kaniha recently posted about an experience where people blasted her for not trying to hide her stretch marks. “A few years back I walked the ramp for designer Sanjana jon at the CIFW…The cause being walk for the girl child. It was a pleasant experience. I was given a gorgeous black lehenga..I was a mother of a 3 year old then..So obviously my abdomen dint look tight and flawless( I am against surgeries to enhance beauty…just feel it’s against nature)So that being said I decided to embrace those strechmarks on my tummy and not conceal them with make up and walk the ramp…and yes I did..”

Apparently, she was blasted online for doing so but the actress says she didn’t care. “Like always there were thrashers who messaged me ..who insulted me.spoke ill of my looks ..questioned my intentions .Did I care????Absolutely not…because I am proud of those marks..It has stories to tell…some of them even appreciated me.. So a big shout out to all the mommies out there…love your body..we earned these marks of love..whether you choose to flaunt it is your choice but never feel bad for having them….” she wrote.

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