Actress Lena turns a sought after biriyani chef in her next


Actress Lena turns a sought after biriyani chef in her next

Actress Lena whose latest release was Honey Bee 2 has been picking varied roles of late.

Her next venture, Oru Viseshapetta Biriyanikissa, will see her playing the lead role as a sought after biriyani chef.

Describing the film, directed by Kiran Narayanan, an experimental off-beat one, she says, “I play Tara, who is a typical woman next door in a village. She is very good at making lip-smacking food, and she is famous for her biriyani in her circle.” She adds that the fantasy film is more about how biriyani can change a lot of lives.

Director Kiran Narayanan says that the film revolves around how a free biriyani meal service in a mosque in a fictional village comes to a halt after the demise of the head cook. He adds, “Lena, who plays a widow, is an independent woman and she is approached to continue the meal service and make biriyani, as she is a popular cook. And there begins the movie!”

Lena says that as biriyani is the main crux of Oru Viseshapetta Biriyanikissa, the cast and crew were also treated to sumptuous biryani on the film’s sets in Kozhikode.

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