Actress Pearle apologises for Thengakola

Actress Pearle apologises for Thengakola

Pearle Maaney

D2 D4 Dance, which had amassed a lot of fanfare, saw a pompous finale.

Pearle Maaney1

However, the song Thengakola was not well received by the fans and it got umpteen number of trolls online. Pearle Maaney, the actor and host, took to an online social networking platform to apologize for it, She says, “Sorry to all those who dint like the album…. it was all my mistake.. thought it wud bring smiles and laughter… but i guess i was wrong.. please don’t punish GP for it… and I apologise. Sorry again..I take all the blame for it… and please don’t hurt my family for it.. they don’t even know what’s going on…”

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