Actress Priya Mani gives fitting reply to haters

Actress Priya Mani gives fitting reply to haters

Priya Mani

An elated Priya Mani recently posted on her social networking page, “Happy to announce that Mustufa Raj and I got engaged on Friday the 27th at a close and private function at home! ,” and pat came a slew of negative remarks from followers online.

Priya Mani1

 Completely miffed, Priya soon took to her page again, and posted, “Fed up of so much of hatred and negativity with regards to the engagement news that I shared this morning hoping that everyone would be a part of my new journey and bless me with ur kind messages..but I’m appalled by so much of negative reactions!Grow up you people!!!ITS MY LIFE..and I’m NOT answerable to any one apart from my parents and my fiance!  “
It is reported that Priya and Mustufa will get hitched by the end of this year.


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