Aju Varghese turns schoolboy!

Aju Varghese turns schoolboy!


After playing Dhyan Sreenivasan’s best friend in Kunjiramayanam and Adi Kapyare Kootamani, Aju Varghese will be seen as Vineeth Sreenivasan’s buddy in the upcoming film Aby. Directed by debutant Srikant Murali, the film will have Aju as a high school student.

“Aby, played by Vineeth, is a boy who dreams to create an airplane. Aju plays his friend and classmate named Kunjoottan in the film. However, like many other characters in the movie, he too underestimates Aby’s potential,” says Srikant, adding that the Oppam actor will have enough space to showcase his humorous side.
The director also explains that Aju’s character also has a jealous side as his friend Anu played by Mareena gets close to Aby. “That too paves way for some lighter moments in the movie.” Similar to the rest of the characters in the movie, Aju too will be seen essaying two different phases of life. “He will be seen as a schoolboy and also a grown- up man in the film,” the director adds.

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