Amala Paul Responds over Pregnancy rumours

Amala Paul Responds over Pregnancy rumours

Amala Paul

Unlike other stars, Amala Paul doesn’t want to compromise on her career after marriage. She is choosy when it comes to scripts, and takes her time to sign films.

“I don’t want to sign random projects now. I love cinema, and as an actress, I always wanted to do films with a social message for the audience and that’s why I was very eager to be part of Pandiraj’s Haiku,” says Amala Paul, adding, “The film is about parenting and kids, and I am sure it will be an eye-opener for most of the parents out there. It will enhance their bond with the kids. Only once in a while do we get chances like these — to be a part of such poetic films. I have also signed one Malayalam film, and shooting for it will begin in August.”

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Amala is also quite excited about her role, as for the first time, she plays a mother on-screen. She says, “Certain roles can’t be portrayed on-screen without being one in real life. I haven’t experienced motherhood yet, but I managed to do justice to it, as I took time to observe the behaviour of many parents. I used to see how they take care of their kids, and how much effort they put into it. Also, I am a teacher in this film,” adding, “Suriya is my husband onscreen, and when he is on the set, everyone will obviously be focused and perfect in their work, as he is a perfectionist.”

About her married life, she says, “I still don’t feel like I am married. It’s like I am living with my best friend — someone who understands and supports me through all those tough times. In fact, I am smiling more than before now.”

Tell her about all those online rumours about her pregnancy and she says, “I don’t know why people are so obsessed with my pregnancy (she smiles). Kids will happen when they have to, and I will let you all know when that happens.”


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