Ambika’s son to debut in Tamil

Ambika’s son to debut in Tamil

Yesteryear actress Ambika just wouldn’t choose who her favourite young actor is. Ask her why and she surprised us by saying that she plans to launch her son Ram Keshav in the film, industry soon. The actress, who was present at the 64th Jio Filmfare Awards (South), spoke to us regarding the same.

“Today’s stars have a lot of knowledge about what they do. They have their own style, dabble in different genres and perform well. So, I can’t really pick my favourite easily. Another thing is that my son is going to act. So, I can’t can’t reveal whom I like,” she laughs, adding, “It could be Tamil or Malayalam… Ram Keshav will be making his debut soon. This is why I wouldn’t want to reveal who my favourite is. I am trying to be a mom.”

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