Amrita TV’s ‘Deva Geetham Middle East’ Rounds Off To Its Grand Finale on November 29th

Amrita TV’s ‘Deva Geetham Middle East’ Rounds Off To Its Grand Finale on November 29th

Amrita TV’s Deva Geetham Middle East which led Christian devotional music up the sanctum of competitive reality shows, is a choral contest in which the aspirants raised their voices in unison, in praise of the Lord. The programme that had been drawing chorus of appreciation from all quarters for the innovativeness of its presentation, will hit a spiritual high during its Grand Finale that will be held at 11pm on the evening of November 29th .


4 teams matched their hallelujahs in the spiritual singing challenges, caroling their way through psalms, hymns and litanies to reach the final denouement: Holy Hearts, Fujairah ; St. Michael’s Chorus, Sharjah ; WMC Pilgrims, Dubai and Marian’s Symphony, Dubai.

The finals of the 5 month long competition will feature 2 unusual rounds: a Choral Virtuoso Round and a new experimental Multi Language Choral Medley Round, in which each team has to give solo, duet and choral performances in as many languages as they can; while one song in Malayalam is mandatory, they can render the rest in any language they are comfortable in- English, Latin, Hebrew, Hindi etc.


Punctuating the pious contest will be songs from Alphonse Joseph, playback music director, Father Antony Uruliannikal, permanent Jury member, celebrity performances by Ms.Chrissline Manohar from the California based Sacred Choral Ministry, Bharatanatyam display by Dubai based Tharangini Music Centre and so on.

As the gospel singers fine tune their performances for the last assault, which ever team corners the glory, Christian choral music will emerge the final winner of the competition.

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