Anarkali actress Priyal Gor talks about Malayalam

Anarkali actress Priyal Gor talks about Malayalam

Priyal Gor

Anarkali actress Priyal Gor is over the moon about the success of her Mollywood debut. Her role as the innocent-yet-strong willed Nadira has won the hearts of the audience. The actress, who is based in Mumbai, is now busy —not with her next projects but accompanying her family and friends to the metro’s theatres to watch the Malayalam film and explain the story. In a quick chat, the actress shares her experience working in the movie, her future plans and what her family thought about it.

How was it working in a Malayalam movie? It’s always great working in movies. I had done a Telugu film Saheba Subramanyam, the remake of Thattathin Marayathu. I always connected with the Malayali audience as I have done a few Malayalam advertisements. Now I am happy that Malayalis are appreciating my role. The Anarkali team is the most friendly crew I have ever worked with. Though I had only four days of shoot in Lakshadweep, I have a lot of great memories filming there. The place is so magnificent that I want to revisit it. What was disappointing though was the lack of facilities. I wonder how our team lived there for two months. That takes a lot of commitment.

How was it acting with Prithviraj? I have been a huge Prithviraj fan since Aiyya. I also loved him in Aurangazeb and couldn’t believe my luck when I was offered a chance to act with him. I was excited about the script and when they told me that he was part of the film, I was elated. While filming, he was extremely supportive. I didn’t know Malayalam and the crew were not well-versed in Hindi either. So, Prithviraj was the translator. He also didn’t have any starry airs about him.

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Being a Mumbaikar, how did you find Malayalam language? Oh my God! Exactly how Malayalis would find the Chinese language. I did not know a single Malayalam word and it was really tough for me initially. But after the shoot of Anarkali, I began to understand the context. I want to work in more Malayalam movies and so I am aware that I will have to learn a bit of it. I love Malayalam films as they give an actor more scope to perform and also strong storylines are often guaranteed.

How are your friends and family receiving Anarkali? It was surprising to see a houseful theatre for a regional movie in Mumbai, even after two weeks of its release. My parents, relatives and friends are really happy. It is tough for them to watch an other language film without subtitles for three hours but they seem to be enjoying it when I accompany them. They also tell me that they are able to understand the context of the film.

How are you enjoying your career as an actress? I am now living the dream of my mom, who wanted to make me an actress. So, there’s no shortage of support from my family and friends. Initially, while facing the camera, I was a bit mechanical. Now, I have started loving my job. I want to play more characters. Right now, I am listening to a few scripts from Tamil and I want to make my next choice wisely.

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