And well now masturbation is banned in India

And well now masturbation is banned in India

Pratap Pothen

The government has confirmed that it has issued notices to ISPs to block over 850 porn websites — an order which was carried out over the weekend. Following a Government of India order, internet services providers in the country have blocked over 850 ‘porn websites’ in the country. Among many who took to social media to criticise it was popular actor/director Pratap Pothen also.


Taking a dig at the decision, Pratap Pothen posted, “And well now masturbation is banned in India… Well next could be castration… India shining without shaking…. Remember slowly but surely it’s the little rights that no one can complain about that are banned… till we realise we can’t do a thing… And we will need permission to even think… Down boy down… lets blow up kajaraho next.”

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