Anu Mohan to lead in a romantic thriller

Anu Mohan to lead in a romantic thriller

Anu Mohan

Anu Mohan, who was noticed for his portrayal of a fashion photographer in You Too Brutus, will be seen playing the lead in a romantic thriller next, titled Sunny, You Are Lucky.

Written and directed by debutant Benjith Baby, the film will see the actor in two entirely different looks, one as a college student and the other as a corporate.
“In the first, he will be practically unrecognizable with a clean shaven look, and in the other, he will sport a thick moustache and beard,” says Benjith. The director doesn’t want to reveal more details of the film, which has a social cause as an underlying thread. Casting is still on for the film, which will have three lead actresses.


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Meanwhile, the reason why he took up the film, says Anu Mohan, is because he found the script exciting. “I got to listen to a lot of scripts after You Too Brutus released, but very few were interesting,” he says.
Although he has acted in several films, it is only recently that people started recognizing him, he adds. “No one could recognize me from my look in Theevram; I was quite fat and sported a moustache and beard. In my next film, Pianist, I was clean shaven with long hair. It was only in 7th Day and later in You Too Brutus that I looked like what I am in real.” Anu Mohan is currently on a weight loss spree for a yet-to-be-announced film, and has taken a month off for it. The shoot for Sunny, You Are Lucky will start by the end of this year.

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