Anumol plays a tough cop!

Anumol plays a tough cop!


Be it the sex worker Sumithra in Vedivazhipadu or the village officer in ‘Jamna Pyaari’, Anumol has always made an impact with every character she has essayed so far. The actress will be seen next as a tough cop in ‘Kuttikalundu Sookshikuka’ starring Anoop Menon and Bhavana in lead roles.

 “Anumol will wear khakhi for the first time in my movie. She plays an Assistant Commissioner of Police named Merin Mathew who is in charge of investigating a case that is crucial in the movie,” says the movie’s director Kalavoor Ravikumar.
Her role, though, is not just limited to the investigation. The director says, “Merin Mathew once had an infatuation with the lead character Major Gautham Keshav essayed by Anoop Menon. She finds it challenging to balance her personal and professional lives. A decision of hers brings in the twist in the movie.”
Sharing her experience of playing a cop for the first time, Anumol says, “I am so used to playing roles that require a feminine body language. So I found it really tough to act as an Assistant Commissioner of Police. I remember the cinematographer laughing at me for being too feminine during the first few scenes. From the second day onwards, I decided to enact Merin the way I would without being too conscious about my body language and things went well.”

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