Anushka ‘s Fake Nude MMS Scandal Video Leaked .

Anushka ‘s Fake Nude MMS Scandal Video Leaked .


The latest leak of celebrity video is reported to be that of actress Anushka Shetty. The reports claim that the leaked video feature Anushka taking a shower.Only recently was a video rumored to be that of Hansika taking a bath was doing the rounds on the internet and whatsapp. The private video of Anushka Shetty has set the internet into rage. The video clip of Anushka’s Shetty has gone viral on the web as well as Whatsapp.Anushka1

Other reports suggests that the female in the video is only a look alike of Anushka. The clip seems to be an extract from an adult movie, which has been spread by pranksters. The videos and pictures of celebrities are leaked on the internet a lot. The most recently leaked video and pictures include that of actress Radhika Apte’s nude selfies, Vasunthara’s nude selfie with her boyfriend and Lakshmi Menon intimate video with her boyfriend.


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