Asif Ali shares his thoughts!

Asif Ali shares his thoughts!

“I don’t want to bear the halo of a hero material.Rather than that, I wan’t to do better roles, even if it is not of a hero in a movie” says young star Asif Ali. He was getting candid while speaking to a popular television channel.

I am trying to do that roles and films that i would like to watch in theatres as a viewer. That is why i am demanding full scripts of a movie, before finalising any project. explains Asif about his mechanism of selecting roles.

Commending on the complaints about him not attending phones, Asif answers that he likes to be a loner when away from a film and its promotions.”More over i like to start preparing myself for the next good project on the pipeline, than to answer all the calls on phone”.Asif also maintains that if some errors had occurred from his part, it is all due to him being a fresher in the industry.

Meanwhile, Asif is not having a good year at the Box Office with two of his films ‘Asuravithu’ and ‘Unnam’ failing to excite the viewers.

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