Asin Is Getting Married To Micromax Co-Founder Rahul Sharma

Asin Is Getting Married To Micromax Co-Founder Rahul Sharma


When Asin did AR Murugadoss’s Ghajini seven years ago, she could not have predicted that a few years later, she was actually going to meet her real-life Sanjay Singhania (the name of Aamir Khan’s character in the film). Well, we can tell you that she has, and he is none other Rahul Sharma (aged 36 years), who is the founder of India’s biggest mobile company (he owns the Micromax brand), making him one of the world’s youngest successful entrepreneurs today .

Asin has always been extremely professional about her work and does not like to mix up work with her private life. So, she patiently chose to wait for her upcoming film All Is Well to finish. (It took over two years to make this film due to the unavailability of Smriti Irani as she became a minister and thus, could not take time out for completing it).

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While all of Asin’s friends and her co-workers knew about the romance, she chose to remain tightlipped about it. Even though Asin and Rahul have been going steady for the last few years, and wanted to get married much earlier, she waited for All Is Well to release so that she could complete her professional commitments before committing herself personally to Rahul. Confirming the news she said, “I am currently wrapping up all my professional commitments so that I can give more time to my personal life. I had, anyway, stopped signing new projects two years back.”

While we are still waiting to know the other details on her marriage from her, we can tell you that the man who played cupid in this relationship was none other than her co-star of Khiladi 786, Akshay Kumar, who is also one of Rahul Sharma’s best friends. Akshay and his wife Twinkle, you may recall, were the first brand ambassadors of Micromax when it had launched. We hear that wedding plans are on and the date will be announced soon. Big congratulations, Asin and Rahul!


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