August Club Review

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Cast: Rima Kallingal, Thilakan, Murali gopi, Mala Aravindan, Sukumari
Direction: K. B. Venu
Production: V.S. Aneesh
Music: Bennet Veetraag

August Club

‘August Club’ is one movie that is passionate, pure, and selfless and heart warming. A movie which excels due to some brilliant but subtle August3moments, and bravura performances, it deals with the interesting concept of ‘forbidden thirst’, discussed much in the narratives. Coming from a bunch of new comers, the movie is altogether an appealing watch. The movie revolves around Savithri (Rima Kallingal), the mother of two and the wife of Corporate executive NandaGopan (Murali Gopi). She is leading a happy life as a house wife, spending much of her extra time with the elite members of the ‘August Club’. She is the most approved winner in Chess, an avid reader and poetess who also have keen interest in music . Even after eight years from their marriage, Nandhan and Savithri share an intense physical and emotional bonding just as a fresh couple.

While the children are into their school vacation days, they sent them off to their village with their parents and starts to plan a second honey moon together. But fate has it that Nandhan is suddenly called into business at Hyderabad following the accident of some team mates. August2He reluctantly move off leaving his wife alone at the care of the home maid (Sukumari), her best friend leena Zachariah (Monisha Sagar)and Club president K P T Menon (Thilakan) . In her vacant days at Club, arrives Shishir(Praveen) a real opponent for Savithri in Chess, who also share many common interest with her. A chronic bachelor with all the qualities that women eye for, Shishir starts to engage and impress Savithri like no other men of their age. How she manages with the invitation for a new relation forms the rest of the plot, which is based on the famous novelette ‘ titled as ‘Venalinte kalaneekkangal’.

Ably scripted by Ananthapadmanabhan, the son of the late filmmaker Padmarajan, the movie is a class fare with an unconventional subject , impressive, unabated screen lines and dialogues. He just gives the glimpse of how sensitive storyteller he is through his writing in a number of sequences. The best thing about the movie is that it doesn’t deviate from the main plot. It stays true to the story and the few principal characters in the film, expect in that ‘Marotickal’ episode. Splendid music and BG scores by Bennet Veetrag and strong emotional quotient are the other highlights of this movie with a straight forward narratives. K B Venu’s direction is fine and brings in the technicalities right but appears old fashioned in some sequences which unleashes in a slow pace.Though the narrative stagnates in the second hour, the culmination catches your attention, since the director has handled it with maturity. The technical sides including the camera by Prathap are fine.

August1Rima Kallingal’ is getting confident with every film. Her depiction of the intense character is outstanding, and is able to perfectly leave us with the agony and desolation her character is going through. She is gorgeous as a mature lady with simplicity and respectfulness and even the slight nuances while she braves the storms in her personal life is clearly felt. Murali Gopi is impressive with his role, while Praveen is also striking and effective as a flirting youth with a magnetic face. Thilakan and Sukumari also excel in their final roles.

On the whole, ‘August Club’ is an interesting watch. A thought-provoking film that needs to be encouraged!

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