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Frequently Asked Questions : :

1- What is the service you offer ? -

We offer Free Wireless Application Protocol Downloads. Host and download your files to your Mobile absolutely FREE of charge. You upload your files from your pc to and you will get ID.  Then you open the displayed link browser in your phone and enter file ID  you receive after upload , then download the file to your phone.

2- How much is this service ?

This service is totally free , we don't charge you for using our service, But you might pay fees for using net or wap download to your mobile service provider

3-What file types can i upload ?

Any file file can be uploaded. ringtones , wallpapers , themes , software , games , real sounds. All files are accepted but they must not contain po-rngraphy or nu-dity or copyrighted or pirated files.

4- How long will the file be available for wap download ?

You can download the file instantly. The file will be hosted in the Kerals for 2 days only.

5- Isn`t 2 days a very short time period ?

No, you upload the file you want then you go and download it in the same day , then you will not need it anymore hosted on our site , and if you want to download it again , simply upload it again and download it again.

6-Why is the size limit 1MB ?

This file size limit is the most suitable file size as most mobile phones can't download larger files and also most mobile phones have low memory space so this is the best file size limit.