Award wapsi of no help, won’t return mine: Kamal Haasan

Award wapsi of no help, won’t return mine: Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan

Acclaimed actor Kamal Haasan has said that he will not return an award conferred on him by the government as a mark of protest against growing intolerance in the country. He suggested that instead of returning awards, artists and writers should make films or write articles on intolerance to raise awareness.

“Kuchh nahin hoga (nothing will happen),” the winner of four National Awards for best actor said when asked if returning of awards would yield any result. “Returning an award is like insulting the government and also the people who decided to give you an award with love,” he added.

Kamal Haasan1

Kamal Haasan said the debate on intolerance had been going on since 1947 and it should be debated every five years. “You have taken the debate in your hands, but this intolerance is there since 1947. That’s why we became two nations. India and Pakistan could have been together and it would have been a fantastic and a huge country and we would have taken on China in commerce and everything. This intolerance is what divided the nation then. It should not divide the nation again.”

He said he was tolerant of all religions despite being non-religious himself. “I am not a religious man but I will never say no to any religion and their practices. I won’t do it, that’s my right,” he said.

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