BAR:Green signal for 180 liquor outlets in Kerala

As many as 180 liquor outlets, including over 100 bars and 30 retail counters of the Kerala State Beverages Corporation and Consumerfed, would be opened following the implementation of the Supreme Court order that permits to denotify highway stretches in city limits. The highway stretches within corporations and municipalities would be deemed as city roads.

The norm would be applicable in six corporations and 87 municipalities. When the Supreme Court enforced a ban on liquor outlets within 500-meter radius of National Highways, the state had 815 beer and wine parlors. But 341 parlors as well as 30 retail outlets of Bevco and Consumerfed had to be shut.

As per the new excise policy of the government, bar licenses would be given to three-star and four-star hotels. Over 100 bars would get the benefit of the Supreme Court order. Other hotels would not have any hitch in getting beer and wine parlor licenses. Till 1997, the highway stretches in urban areas were considered as city roads.

But subsequently this was amended and from the starting to end the entire stretch of a highway was considered as a single unit.

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