Bhavana as ghost hunter !


Bhavana as ghost hunter !


Director Rohith VS’ Adventures of Omanakuttan has been in production for almost two years, but the movie’s lead actors Asif Ali and Bhavana stood by the team and ensured that the movie is not shelved.

One reason could be, the debutant director says, that the film has a story exploring novel concepts in Malayalam. In fact, the actors too will be seen in “fresh avatars”.


Rohit tells us, “Asif plays Omanakuttan, who is an introvert and a daydreamer. Bhavana’s character is named Pallavi. She is a ghost hunter. She investigates paranormal incidents and also is a researcher in parapsychology.”

The filmmaker says that the movie will be a mix of genres — comedy, romance and thriller. “The treatment of the story is very different from that of usual Malayalam films, but it’s also a fun ride,” adds Rohith.

The team had begun shooting Adventures of Omanakuttan in March 2015 but had to halt production just 10 days into the shoot due to financial constraints. “In fact, over the last two years, we had a total of six such start-stop schedules,” says the director.

But it’s the support of the actors that pulled the team comprising mostly debutants. “The support of Asif and Bhavana was tremendous. They are both integral parts of the story, and even if one of them had decided to pull out due to the delay, we would have shelved the movie. But they were confident in our team and film’s plot, and that’s what has led to the completion of the shoot,” says Rohith.
The team though sees a silver lining in the prolonged production. “Despite the hassles, I like to believe that it was a blessing in disguise because we could make some changes over time that has only made the movie better,” says the director.

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