BJP earmarks ‘office for chief minister’ at new party HQ in Kerala | BJP office in Kerala

The party may call it political far¬≠sightedness and its detractors, vaulting and impractical political ambition. Anyhow, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has earmarked a room for the ‘chief minister’ at its new headquarters, the foundation for which was laid by party president Amit Shah in Thiruvananthapuram last week. Sources said the inclusion of the ‘chief minister’s office’ (CMO) in the new plan was indicative of the party’s strategy to seize power in the state.

Shah had reminded party leaders and workers that the ‘stone had been laid for a BJP government in the state too.’ The Mararji Smrithi Bhavan at Aristo Junction, which functions as the headquarters now, will be razed to construct the new building. It will have eight floors, two below the ground. The first floor will host offices of the state president and the ‘chief minister.’

The CMO is for the ‘chief minister to relax and hold discussions.’ Shah told BJP leaders that Lok Sabha polls were the immediate focus but state elections should also be a priority. He expressed displeasure about BJP’s preparedness in Kerala.

The new directive was that the party should give up the style of focusing on a few Lok Sabha constituencies. He said such work had not yielded any result. He said aggressive groundwork was essential in all 20 constituencies to be successful.

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