Bollywood beauty Huma Qureshi lost temper learning Malayalam

Bollywood beauty  Huma Qureshi lost temper learning Malayalam

Huma Qureshi

When London Malayali Parvathy Pillai approached director Uday Ananthan for an opportunity to assist him in his Mammootty, Huma Qureshi starrer White, she never thought that it would also fetch her a chance to teach the Bollywood beauty Malayalam and act with her.

 “Though it was an interesting task, it wasn’t easy as Huma was new to Malayalam. She found the language extremely tough to learn,” says Parvathy, who was assigned by Uday as Huma’s script tutor. During the process, Parvathy also saw Huma lose her cool while learning the language. “Huma used to get frustrated and even lost her temper once or twice while trying to pronounce words like mazha and puzha. Certain Malayalam words are obviously tough for non-Malayalis.
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So it was quite understandable and I stayed calm,” says Parvathy, who teaches in a higher secondary school in London. Huma’s broken Malayalam though made for some fun times on the sets, with the cast and crew at times having a chuckle or two at her expense. But there were also instances when they appreciated Huma’s efforts when she got her lines right. “I remember when Huma said the dialogue, ‘Ningalkonnum manassilavilla. Ningalkellam kaliyanu’, correctly, the entire set stood up and applauded her. Huma was extremely happy that day,” she explains.
However, the run didn’t last long, Parvathy says. “Huma tried her best to grasp Malayalam, but ultimately confessed to us that it was a Herculean task. So, we decided to get the lip-sync right for most of her dialogues.” Parvathy also acted in the film as the house owner of Huma’s character Roshni Menon.

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