Caught On Camera: Youths Try To Drown Cop During Ganesh Festival In Thane

Caught On

A shocking video of a policeman being pushed into a lake and four youths of a local Ganesh Utsav mandal trying to drown him in Kalyan township has gone viral here.

The youths had earlier objected to being disciplined by the policeman Niteen Dondu Dagale.

On the occasion of immersion of the Ganpati idols last evening, sub­inspector Dagale (38), attached to Kolsewadi Police Station in Kalyan, was on bandobust duty at Teesgaon Talao of the town.

He was controlling the crowd assembled for the immersion and was disciplining the members of various mandals. The members of the Jari Mari Ganesh Utsav mandal were also asked to follow queue system. However, some youths of the mandal objected to being disciplined and picked up a quarrel with Dagale.

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