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Special food price

Komalan goes to a grocery store. He finds cat food at special prices. He picks a dozen cans of cat food and goes to check out. The Manager gets suspicious. He thinks that this guy cannot have a cat and will probably feed cat food …

Indian election application form

1. Name of Candidate : _______________________ 2. Present Address (i) Name of Jail : _______________________ (ii) Cell Number : _______________________

Indian and Pakistanis egg fight

There was once a Indian and an Pakistani who lived next door to each other. The Indian owned a hen and each morning would look in his garden and pick up one of his hen’s eggs for breakfast.

Komalan’s Flight Meal

Komalan was booked into an SIA flight to Bombay. But as this was his first time in an airplane, he made a few preparations that were out of place. When the stewardess came around to take orders for the in-flight meal,  Komalan declared loudly, “I …