Play Chess with left hand

Mr  Komalan was traveling from England to India.

Seated besides him was Viswanath Ananth, chess champion. Ananth asks him whether he would like to play chess to kill time.

Komalan : “Oye Ananth. You think I don’t know who U are?. I can’t compete with a world champion”

Ananth : “How about if I play left handed ?”

Komalan: [Think.. Think..] “OK!”

Komalan is demolished in 4 moves… and is very upset through-out the rest of the journey. On landing he meets his friend Purushu.

Komalan : Hey! U know what! I played Chess with Viswanath Ananth and he defeated me in spite of him playing left-handed…

Purushu : Eda Kazhuthe!! He sure did fool you!! U know what!!  Ananth IS LEFT-HANDED!!

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