Congress mouthpiece tells CPI


Welcoming the Communist Party of India (CPI) to the UDF fold, the editorial of the Congress organ Veekshanam on Thursday said that the CPI should come out of the disgraceful ties with the CPM.

The CPI got emaciated over the years while the CPM grew fatty within the LDF, the editorial noted and added that the CPI should bail itself out of the sinking ship of the LDF.

The CPI, which is not as rotten as the CPM, should save itself from the ship. Unlike the CPM leaders, the CPI leaders don’t spit venom in their words or express arrogance in their body language. The CPI leaders furtively harbour the nostalgic thoughts of being part of the Congress Front government for ten years from 1969, the editorial said.

The CPI cannot forget the egalitarian United Front culture it had enjoyed in those days. Though it was the second party in the front, the Congress never opposed according Chief Minister’s post to C. Achutha Menon and P.K. Vasudevan Nair, the editorial reminded.

Referring to the CPM’s drubbing in the by-election, the editorial said that the death knell sounding in Arivikkara is the harbinger of Left Front’s annihilation. The CPI should have the conscience to identify this, the Congress organ wrote.


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