Cops ready new ‘question paper’ for Dileep-Nadhirshah c

As rumors run wild as to who the probable culprits are in the sensational actress attack case, the police are likely to question actor Dileep and Nadhirshah again. After main accused Pulsar Suni alleged that he had spoken to Dileep over the phone, the cops had questioned the actor and Nadhirshah at Aluva police club on June 28.

The 13-hour grilling of the duo had raised many a eyebrow. Dileep’s statements to the police had run up to 143 pages, with Nadhirshah coming close, 140 pages.

The police after conducting a detailed study of these statements have made a set of new questions for the duo, sources said. Though rumors were rife that a crucial arrest would be made on Monday, the police could not find enough evidence to take action.

Dileep had repeatedly denied having any links with Suni even while admitting that he was not in good terms with the actress, who survived the horrific night. The actress was waylaid, abducted and allegedly molested by the gang in the car, when she was returning from her workplace on February 17.

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