Current probe into conspiracy angle, says DGP

Kerala police chief Loknath Behera has asserted that the police, in the actress assault case, are at present probing the conspiracy behind the crime and about those who prompted it. The police are collecting circumstantial evidence on how some of the suspects got involved in it, Behera told MEDIA.

He said the police secured the visuals of the assault on the actress in March and had informed the court after confirmation. The police had not gathered any new evidence on the crime, he said. However, the probe team had some information about those behind the crime. Behera rejected as untrue reports that an investigating officer had displayed the assault visuals at a meeting held at his office recently. That was not the point of discussion there, but what was discussed cannot be revealed either.

The visuals were received soon after the arrest of main accused Sunil Kumar in March. They were examined at the forensic lab and confirmed. Police had then informed the court about it. And that was one evidence in the case, Behera said.

The present probe is to find out whether there was a conspiracy behind the crime and whether someone had prompted the accused. The probe had confirmed that there were some people behind the crime and circumstantial evidence was being collected, he said. Behera said action would follow as the police got clear evidence. However, he refused to say who would be arrested.

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