Dalit man killed for watching Hindu celebration

A Dalit man was beaten to death in Gujarat allegedly watching people dance as they celebrated the Hindu festival of Dussehra.

Eight men have been arrested for attacking the 21-year-old man on Sunday.

Some Dalits were beaten up for sporting moustaches in the state last week.

Despite laws to protect them, discrimination remains a daily reality for India’s 200 million Dalits.

The victim, identified as Jayesh Solanki who was watching a performance of Garba which is a traditional dance with some of his friends and cousins, when a man approached them and asked ” how dare you come here,” Mr Solanki alleged in the complaint. “We told him that we came to watch the Garba because our sisters and daughters were participating. But he started abusing us.”

Then the man left and returned with seven others, one of whom slapped Prakash. When Solanki tried to intervene, he was dragged away and beaten.

The men allegedly flung him against a wall causing him to lose consciousness. But they continued to beat him, later he was taken to hospital but he was gone by that time.

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