Dileep starrer-Ramaleela is a non-practising lawyer as well

Dileep starrer-Ramaleela is a non-practising lawyer as well

Dileep’s upcoming film Ramaleela has been generating buzz online, primarily focusing on the actor’s character of a politician – a role he had played in movies such as Lion and Nadodimannan. The film’s director Arun Gopy now reveals another facet of the character, that he is also a non-practising lawyer in it.

Arun says, “Dileep’s character Ramanunni has a law degree. That was his primary pursuit and law plays a big role in his life.” Ask him how and the director says, “Ramanunni’s actions as a person and a politician are transparent, and he doesn’t jump the gun without suitable proof. He also has very clear ideologies and all of that is very crucial to the film.”

The director though clarifies it is “unfair” to compare Ramaleela with other films that had Dileep as a politician. “This is not a ‘mass’ film. It has a logical story and Ramanunni represents a common man who, one day, becomes an MLA. The film’s scriptwriter Sachy has ensured that there is a rationale behind his actions and that’s also what made Dileep sign the movie when we first sounded the idea to him four years ago,” says Arun.
So, does that story mirror Kerala’s contemporary political scenario? “When you present a story relevant to the State, you have to adopt a particular backdrop that people can relate to. That influence will be there but the characters and political parties in the movie are entirely fictional,” he says. The film has Prayaga Martin as the female lead. Radhikaa Sarathkumar, Renji Panicker, Siddique and Vijayaraghavan are also part of the cast.

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