Ex-KMRL head sought CAG probe into DMRC takeover

Tom Jose

The complaint letter filed by KMRL former MD Tom Jose to CAG against E Sreedaran and DMRC had gone public. Tom filed a complaint with comptroller and auditor general of India Vinod Rai immediately after he was ousted from the post of MD. He flayed the government action for removing him from office. As a follow up to the complaint, CAG officials held searches in KMRL office last October. At that time, minister Aryadan Muhammad asked CM to take action against Tom who flayed the policy decisions of the government. But CM was of the opinion that there is no need for further action against Tom.

A letter sent by Tom seeking the responsibilities of Sreedharan in Metro Rail Limited to Sudheer Krishna, urban development minister, became a row. This letter too was sent after he was ousted from MD post. The government, which accepted his explanation on this, gave a mere warning to have more vigilance while implementing governmental decisions.

Later in his letter to CAG, Tom Jose presented serious allegations against DMRC and E Sreedharan and alleged that E Sreedharan had exerted pressure to implement projects violating rules, DMRC trying to make KMRL a mere statue, lack of transparency in financial transactions, Sreedharan blocking efforts to call for a global tender, etc. The complaint adds that Sreedharan and DMRC, after putting pressure on CM, robbed their rights for implementing the projects. DMRC tried to hide many facts of the project from KMRL and had a harsh approach during communications. Tom Jose pointed out about allegations raised against Sreedharan and DMRC in relation to Delhi Airport Metro Express which faced closure. The newspapers reports on this were also attached along with the complaint letter.

Tom Jose said KMRL was formed to implement the project and in future if DMRC commits any mistakes, KMRL would be bound to reply. He also appalled the technology and plan used by DMRC.

After Tom sending complaint to CAG, chief secretary Bharath Bhushan sought explanation from current MD Eliyas George. Later CAG held searches in KMRL offices. In this minister Aryadan gave a note to CM seeking action against Tom. But on July 1 CM replied that there is no need for further action against Tom.

Earlier there were allegation that CM has been trying to protect CM

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