Film releasion issue:Producers hatch master plan to defeat Kerala theater strike, Vijay’s ‘Bairavaa’ to release tomorrow


» Producers and distributors to release movies in multiplexes, theaters not affiliated to Kerala Film Exhibitors’ Federation and in govt­owned theaters from tomorrow (Jan 12, Thursday)

» Vijay­starrer Tamil film Bairavaa will be released in over 200 theaters across Kerala

» Malayalam films will be released in the same manner from January 19

» B and C class theaters to join hands with producers and will release movies from now on

» Producers and distributors decide not to give in to exhibitors federation that demanded 50:50 profit­sharing ratio

» A core­committee of producers and distributors to decide on movie releases from now

» Exhibitors federation had announced that as many as 350 theaters in Kerala will down shutters indefinitely from Thursday

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