Geetu Mohandas is back!

Geetu Mohandas is back!

Geetu Mohandas

Geetu Mohandas has never been someone who takes up predictable or conventional themes for her films. Liar’s Dice, which won two National Awards in 2013, dealt with the issue of migrant labourers. Her next, which has been titled Insha Allah, will be about a boy in search of someone called Akbar. “It will be set in the current era, and once I decided on the subject, more stories opened up to me, and things just fell into place,” says Geetu.
The film will be a bilingual in Hindi and English, and will be written by Geetu. “The actor who plays Akbar has been decided, but we want to focus on the film per se, instead of getting the attention diverted to the actor. It is going to be a challenge for the actor,” says Geetu.

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Interestingly, the script of the film got picked by the Sundance Scriptwriters Lab, which selects seven scripts out of thousands every year. “It is a great honour, as the panel comprising renowned filmmakers will mentor and polish the script until it is perfect. It was an amazing experience to see them get involved so deeply in the script, and it opened up a lot of fears and thoughts,” she says.
Rajeev Ravi will be the cinematographer, as for Liar’s Dice. Geetu is also planning a collaboration with artist Riyaz Komu, involving the ‘creation of a beautiful space between art and cinema’, the details of which will be revealed later on. Insha Allah will be shot in Mumbai and Lakshadweep, and shoot will start after the monsoons.

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