Geetu`s re entry in to Malayalam


Geetu`s re entry in to Malayalam



Geetu Mohandas” upcoming movie Moothon has been creating quite a buzz since its announcement and rightly so. The actress-turned-filmmaker has roped in a stellar team featuring some of the best talents in the Indian film industry for her debut directorial in Malayalam, titled Moothon.

The movie has Nivin Pauly in the lead, Anurag Kashyap helping with the Hindi dialogues, Rajeev Ravi as cinematographer, Kunal Sharma, sound engineer of Gangs of Wasseypur, Wasiq Khan as production designer, Sneha Khanwalkar as music director and Sunil Rodrigues, action director of Dilwale… apart from artist Riyas Khomu and singer Govind Menon as part of the team.


“The fact that such amazing people have come together to collaborate is indeed the highlight of the film,” says Geetu, whose first movie Liar’s Dice was India’s official entry for the 87th Academy Awards.

Nivin, who will start shooting for the film in April, says, “It’s a dream movie for me with one of the most talented crew in India. I am super excited to be part of the movie. My greatest challenge will be to deliver the character and match their quality and expectations. Language wise, there would be Hindi and the Lakshadweep dialect. So, there’s a lot of homework to be done and I am thrilled to have landed the role.”

On the movie’s plot, Geetu says, “The basic thread is about a boy from Lakshadweep who goes out in search of his brother. We are shooting in Lakshadweep and Mumbai. Currently, the pre-production is going on for the VFX and other aspects.”

With Anurag Kashyap enjoying a large fan base in Kerala, people are indeed curious to know whether he would be seen on screen in his Mollywood collaboration. On getting him on board, Geetu explains, “Anurag and Rajeev have been working together for over a decade now so he has always been a friend. Moothon required his quirky dialogues in portions where the character reaches Mumbai. Anurag liked the script and that’s why he decided to collaborate. It’s been an inspiring experience for me working with him.”
The film has been in the news after it was selected for the Sundance Screenwriters’ Lab and Geetu won the global filmmaking award for its script at the Sundance Film Festival last year. The actress, who says she would rather go about her filmmaking business discreetly, tells us, “People often say the movie is going to be different and come out with great posters but the films end up not meeting the expectations of the audience. So, I have always preferred to go low key about my movie. Even in the case of my Hindi film Liar’s Dice, people didn’t know much about its making. But by default, Moothon has a big star and production team involved so it’s hard to keep the buzz down for this.”
The movie will also be challenging for Geetu as it’s her first feature film in her mother tongue. “I prefer to make a nice film in my own way and I hope that I find an audience in Malayalam, who is receptive to my mode of storytelling,” she says.

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