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Green vegetable may cut skin cancer risk: Green vegetables including spinach contain a crucial cocktail of nutrients that can boost the skin's natural defense against sun damage, the 11-year study said.. more>>

Camel milk: latest beauty secret: Researchers at the National Research Centre on Camel (NRCC) in the eastern Rajasthan district of Bikaner say that they have developed an anti-wrinkle cream from camel milk... more>>

Strawberries can boost kids' memory: Study has found that a natural chemical found in strawberries can boost memory.Fisetin, a naturally occurring flavonoid commonly found in strawberries .... more>>

Late night studying affects memory

Late night studying impacts a person's cognitive abilities, creativity, decision-making and memory. Over time, sleep debt can lead to high blood pressure, heart problems, depression and even obesity... more>>

A mango a day may keep diabetes ad Cholesterol away

Compounds isolated from mangoes may be helpful in protecting the body against metabolic disorders like diabetes and high cholesterol.. While presenting the preliminary results of their study at the Australian .. more>>

Junk food raises cancer risk in women

London: Eating junk food may increase chances of cancer in women, says a new study that, however, found no cancer link in men.

Scientists, led by Par Stattin, from Umea University Hospital in Sweden, studied around 65,000 adults for 13 years and identified 2,478 cases of cancer... 

Playing video games, improve eyesight

New York: Playing video games that involve firing guns could improve eyesight, suggests a study.

Playing Gears of War, Lost Planet, Halo and other action video games can improve eyesight, say Daphne Bevelier of the University of Rochester and other researchers who conducted tests on 10 male college students...

Eating Fruits and Vegetables for Skin and Beauty

Fruits are one of the most widely available sources of energy on this planet. These sources, when consumed appropriately can be of immense help in enhancing an individual’s beauty. The raw food diet is most certainly about beauty... more>>

Eat chillies and burn fat says study

Chillies could help burn fat, says a study that adds to a weight of evidence on the health benefits of capsaicin, the compound which gives the peppers their zing.

Ancient cultures used the spice as an antiseptic and to treat cholera and bronchitis... more>>