“I don’t think I am being typecast,” Namitha Pramod

“I don’t think I am being typecast,” Namitha Pramod

Namitha Pramod

In her career spanning 10 films, Namitha Pramod has churned out eight hits, making her a lucky charm of sorts for filmmakers.

While it might have led to more roles coming her way, it has also given way to criticism from a section of audience that she repeats a lot of roles. But the actress is least bothered.

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“I don’t think I am being typecast,” exclaims the Chandrettan Evideya actress. “People can say what they want but I don’t care.” Explaining her stand, Namitha says that each role she plays depends on how the writers interpret them. “I can’t insist that I want to act like Shobana ma’am. The roles that she played were the ones that were scripted at that point of time. The type of films and genre coming out now are different from what it was then,” she points out.
Namitha, who started her career with Traffic in 2011, also notes that with each film she has grown more confident as an actress. “With every project, how I perceive films has changed. Also I think my acting patterns have evolved. I was unsure and had some fear in the first couple of films but after doing more movies, now I am more free as an actress,” she gushes.
Her current film Adi Kapyare Koottamani has a young cast with Dhyan Sreenivasan and Neeraj Madhav. About the film, she says, “I play a character named Adhisthalekshmi, who is bold and bubbly. It’s a comedy movie that is sure to leave everyone entertained.”

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