I never care rumours – Tamannah

Come what may, life is to live. Perhaps taking cue from this popular adage, Tamannah says she is not worried about rumours of an alleged romance with her ‘Paiyaa’ costar Karthi Sivakumar.
“Because I know what the truth is. We are just colleagues and we are going to act together in another film too. I can’t achieve my goals if I am bothered by these mindless rumours,” she says.
Saying she is not answerable to those spreading ‘rumours’ on her, Tamannah says the two persons she is accountable to are her mother and father. “They know pretty well what’s happening in my life.”
“The support from my parents has made me achieve something,” she says and adds: “But I am aware that there is still a long way to go. My aim is that I should act in all kind of roles before I call it a day.”

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