Ilaignan Review

Cast: Pa Vijay, Meera Jasmine, Remya Nambeesan
Direction: Suresh Krishna
Production: S Martin
Music: Vidyasagar

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi’s pen seems to grow younger day after day. The man with a Midas touch, in his 75th film as script, oozes with the same energy which was evident in ‘Parasakthi’.
In a career spanning seven decades, he has touched on almost all themes that had a telling impact on the society. He never failed to champion the cause of the oppressed and the ink never dried when he wrote for the cause of the weaker section.
’Ilaignan’ is one more jewel in his crown that speaks for the cause of the working class. The need to respect workers, give them their due share and what happens if the capitalist tendency prevails is what ‘Ilaignan’ speaks about.
No doubt the script is outdated. But no complaints since ‘Ilaignan’ is a period film and the intentions are made clear from scene one itself.
With his fiery dialogues, Karunanidhi brings out the right emotions and creates the need for an equitable society. If Chief Minister Karunanidhi is the flesh of the movie, then director Suresh Krishna is the blood.
He in his 50th film, has given shape to Karunanidhi’s thoughts with ease and elan. The making is rich (thanks to producer S Martin) and the emotional drama has been brought out well. Be it the romance, rivalry between the capitalists and the working class of revenge or the mother-son love, all is captured well on canvas.
The story occurs in 1959. Rajanayakam (Suman), who owns a ship building company in rural Tamilnadu, exploits his workers. He forces them to work for meager wages and restricts them to live within a wall.
With no proper food, they are forced to suffer. More a bonded labour, they are put to untold hardship. Any kind of resistance is met with violence by Rajanayakam’s men. He is controlled by his fiancée Sena (Namitha), a wicked woman.
Enters Kargy (Pa Vijay), son of Arokiyasamy (Nasser) and Valliyammal (Kushboo). Arokiyasamy is killed by Rajanayakam’s men. Kargy joins the company as a staff. He sows revolutionary thoughts among the employees.
He forces them to take up a fight against the cruel wicked boss. He also gets the help of Meera (Meera Jasmine), sister of Deivanayakam. Also there is romance between Ramya(Ramya Nambeesan) and Kargy.
Soon after mobilising the support of employees, Kargy plans to wage a battle with arms. But his mother urges him to fight in a non-violent manner. However Kargy and his men are forced to pay a heavy price when the battle begins. Finally it a major fight between Kargy and Rajanayakam to settle scores.
Pa Vijay has played his part to perfection. He looks trim, slim and tailor-made for the role. He is expressive and gives his best performance. His emotional expressions towards the climax is worth-mentioning.
Equally impressive is Kushboo. Playing the role of mom, she is right there giving a excellent performance. Suman as wicked Rajanayakam is good. Namitha, Meera Jasmine, Ramya Nambeesan, Manivannan, Y Gee Mahendra and Vadivelu among others are adequate for the role.
Music is by Vidyasagar with a couple of songs inclouding ‘Imai Thoodhanae…’ is nice to listen to. The song ‘Thozha Vanam Thuram Illai…’is loud and rocking. B L Sanjay’s cinematography is bright and apt for the theme. But all credit should go to Thotta Tharani, who has put up huge set replicating a ship building factory.
Martin deserves accolades for producing a movie in a lavish manner. With Suresh Krishna and Karunanidhi at the helm of affairs, ‘Ilaignan’ is an old theme, which is still the need of the hour.

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