In memory of Lohithadas

In memory of Lohithadas


It has been five year since Lohitadas, one of the finest scenarists in Malayalam cinema history, passed away.

Lohitadas was active in the drama circuit, when he shot into fame in films with some superb scripts like Thaniyavarthanam, Kireedam, His Highness Abdullah, Bharatham, Kamaladalam, Valayam, Mrigaya, Amaram, Dasaradham, Valsalyam and so on.


Later he turned his attention into direction as well and came out with some good films like Bhoothakkannadi, Kanmadam, Karunyam, Joker, Kasthooriman and Nivedyam.

He has been known for his stories that were shockingly real and delved deep into the minds of the characters in it.

Lohitadas passed away on Jun 29, 2009 following a heart attack.

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