India will host its first-ever football tournament- the 2017 Fifa Under-17 World Cup

In a few days, India will be hosting its first-ever global football tournament the 2017 Fifa Under-17 World Cup. The tournament will witness 24 countries vying for the biggest trophy in youth football. Since India is the host, India has directly entered this event—its maiden appearance in a football world cup—with other teams earning a place through their respective continental qualifiers.

Hosting a global youth football tournament especially a World cup football tournament shows India interest towards youth football. Youth football in India has perpetually been stuck in the planning stages and the absence of a structured youth system means that players are not identified before the age of 13, almost 10 years behind the standard in world football.

India does not have full of hidden talent in football just waiting to be found; kids need to be developed in the right manner from a much earlier age. In the top football-playing nations, children develop a youth profile of over 100 competitive matches even before the age of seven.

Lets hope the best that India will be able to perform it’s best in the tournament.


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