Indian media needs to behave more responsibly: Tharoor

Dubai: The Indian media needs to behave more responsibly and stop acting like prosecutors or judges in dealing with allegations, former Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor has said.

Tharoor said the Indian media behaves irresponsibly and has a knack of focusing more on negative issues, Tharoor said while speaking in Doha at a reception hosted by the Indian Cultural and Arts Society (Incas). He said the media in India was too much interested in triggering controversies that do not make any difference to the lives of the people.

“Media should behave a little more responsibly. They are acting like prosecutors or judges. There is a process to decide on allegations. We should not rush into judgements,” Tharoor was quoted by The Peninsula as saying.

“The current situation in India is that people would believe if you level allegations against any politician, with the exception of A K Antony (Defence Minister) and Manmohan Singh (Prime Minister). The Indian middle class is too fond of such controversies,” he added.

He said corruption in the country was denying rights to the common people. “If a poor woman is forced to pay a bribe to get treatment for her child in a government hospital that is a serious issue,” he said, insisting that the media should focus on such issues. Earlier, addressing the gathering, Tharoor said the media should also highlight the achievements of Indians in various fields, rather than focusing only on the “bad things” in the country.

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