Jailed Kerala tycoon Mohammed Nisham uses cellphone to issue death threats


Two brothers have filed a complaint with the police that Mohammed Nisham, who is in Kannur central jail for murdering a security officer, had threatened them with death. It is not clear whether Nisham made the threat while inside the jail or while being taken to Bengaluru.

Rural SP Nishanthini has confirmed that the complaint was received and added that a quick probe has been ordered. It is believed that the nexus between Nisham and police officers are continuing.

The police allowed Nisham’s friends and office staff to board a bus in which he was being taken to Bengaluru. It is also believed that tickets for the return trip were booked by Nisham’s office. Nisham has been contacting his family from jail using two numbers ­­ 9746576553 and 8769731302.

Both these numbers are under the limits of a tower near Kannur jail. The numbers are registered under the names of Nisham and his relative. He used to talk with his wife over phone after 6 pm, Manorama News reported.

Conversations between Nisham and the brothers were given to the police in which Nisham expresses the fear that his being duped in business. He is also heard abusing one of the brothers. If the allegations are true, it would mean that Nisham is in constant contact with the outside world. If the travel was sponsored by Nisham, it would amount to grievous violation of norms.

The audio and travel documents have been submitted along with the complaint. CM intervenes Jail authorities raided the cell after the reports came. Jail superintendent will hand over a report to jail DGP on the matter.

Meanwhile, chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan said he has sought the details of the issue from jail DGP.

Nisham never used phone inside the jail: DIG Sivadas K. Thayparambil, DIG, Prisons, reached the Kannur central jail to probe reports of alleged phone calls made by Nisham in jail.

A search was conducted in Nisham’s cell, but there the phone could not be found. Nisham never used phone inside the jail, the DIG said and added that Nisham might have used the phone by taking advantage of the lapses on the part of the policemen who escorted him.

It is said that Nisham, who was escorted to Bengaluru for another case, might have made the calls to his siblings during the journey. Nisham who was taken to Bengaluru on Friday was brought back on Saturday morning

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