Jippa Jimikki Review

Director: R. Rajasekar
Producer: Divakar GV
Music Director: Ranib
Cast: Krishik Divakar, Kushbhu Prasad, Adukkalam Naren, Ilavarasu, Naan Kadavul Rajendran, Thayumanavan Mathi, Bawa Lakshmanan, Pondamani, Sudha


There are some films which will make you question the very faith of film-makers in their scripts. Jippaa JJimikki is one such JH3flick which provides an excruciating movie-watching experience for the audiences.

Billed as a romance drama, everything about this film is a worry. The way the lead characters, who are forced by their parents against their will to tie the knot, the way the screenplay judges new-age women, the way certain insincere emotions are randomly scattered through the film. Sometimes the film annoys you to end and as the story gains momentum, it become unbearably horrible to sit through the entire runtime, leave alone watching the happenings unfold on screen.

Krishik (played by Krishik) and Sruthi (played by Kushbu Prasad) are asked by their parents to wed each other since they believe that they both make a good couple. However, both Krishik and Sruthi hate the very sight of each other but their parents engage them and fix the marriage date without their consent. The couple now devises a mind-boggling technique to get out of their marriage commitment with the help of their respective younger siblings. Krishik and Sruthi decide to go on a vacation together in the belief that this short trip will expose their indifferences to their parents who in turn will call off the marriage. JH2However, things turn topsy-turvy during their vacation. Whether the marriage is called off or they wed each other despite of their conflict of opinion forms the story.

Director Ra Raajasekar has taken most the taken road as far as the premise and the narration are concerned. The various encounters the yet-to-be-married couple witness during their JH1journey are told without any emotional investment in their characters. The film brims with contrivances and forced plot twists just to evoke sympathy and it fails miserably in the end. Director delivers a bundle of hackneyed phrases as dialogues. The border tension between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka also finds a way in this middling plot which never even attempts to kick-off.

Overall, Jippaa Jimikki is one of the most forgettable films that have come out recently.
1 out of 5 (Poor)

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